Currently, the European Union faces many challenges related to EU governance coming with the new millennium. A sense of national identity or EU citizenship is nowadays confronted with many problems and influences on the population of the EU (esp. globalization, multiculturalism, patriotism, immigration, language diasporas, ethnic identity, ethnocentrism, nationalism, patriotism, identity crisis). In order to enable young people (students) in European countries to adequately explain individual challenges, raise their awareness in these topics and help them to find their own opinion and attitude towards it, it is necessary to keep the discourse constantly confronting the views of individual member states EU so that teachers can learn about these topics with a current awareness and in optimal knowledge increasing active citizenship. This requires adequate research that takes into account the current view of EU member states and also identifies young people's views on national identity and EU citizenship as part of the learning process.



The project brings together 4 partners from the Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic to share and compare their experience with learning the above named topics to learn about the state-of-art development which can be used by university teachers and teachers at secondary schools.The particular aim of this project is to teach the above named topics at university level in a highly innovative way with the use of information and communication technology (ICT) which enables instant communication of project members and shared teaching in real time in the 3D virtual classroom, regardless of where the users are located. This will also significantly raise the awareness of university teachers about using ICT in the blended learning form at university level. In addition, it might contribute to the digital skills development of university students and teachers. The use of the 3D multiuser virtual environment in university teaching and blended mobility provides a highly innovative method of university education (so far mostly used at US universities).


As a part of project activities, the intellectual outputs available at the project website are prepared for university teachers and university students to enhance their knowledge of active citizenship and to improve their digital skills. The factsheets with basic information about the particular challenges to national identity and EU citizenship are included. Moreover, teaching objects for Toolkit are available online and academic articles for teachers are accessible at this project website. One month blended mobility for university students is implemented by using real and 3D virtual building at Palacky University in the Czech Republic. The beneficiaries of this project include teachers at secondary schools, local authorities, and youth organization workers who can be involved in multiplier events.


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